Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In Between by Jenny B. Jones #YA #bookreview #kidlit

I must say that I truly enjoyed this book. I instantly felt connected to the storyline.

In Between by Jenny B, Jones is the story of one girl's journey in learning to trust in adults when all she has known in the past is disappointment. With a mom in prison, Katie Parker is shipped off from her group home to her new foster parents. Not only is she thrust into a new household, but when she finds out that her "foster father" is a preacher, she all but goes off the rails. She pushes the boundaries continually in an effort to test their limits and expects to be shipped back to Sunny Haven Home for Girls at any moment.

Katie's wit and reactions are full of realism. More than a time or two did I find myself outright laughing, chuckling, or smiling. I truly found myself connecting with the character as I watched her progress through the book and the life changes that helped her accept her position, and importance, in her new home.

Although religion and God were brought up many times throughout the book, I never felt it became heavy handed or presented in such a way as to turn off young adult readers. In truth, I found just the opposite to be true. I think it will open up, or strengthen, young minds to the concept of God. Religion can be such a touchy subject, and I love when an author can present it in a responsible manner.

Ultimately, I think I felt such a connection to this book because over the years I have volunteered hundreds of hours working with children in my community. Not all of them have been fortunate in their circumstances in life and this book reminded me of those special moments working with some of the children that had a natural distrust of adults. These children were always the ones to capture my heart, and make me work even harder to insure they had a fantastic summer. The only thing a child truly needs in life is to know someone cares about their well-being. In my opinion, In Between reinforces this statement.

I would definitely give this book 5 stars. I look forward to reading more in the Katie Parker Production series, and to many more laughs ahead. Very well done, Jenny B. Jones!

Wishing you all an amazing adventure, and reminding you to never pass up the opportunity to help a child,

K. Lamb

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