Monday, August 4, 2014

Ask Me!

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What importance do you give on the design of the covers and illustrations on your books?

K. Lamb Thank you for your question, Raul.

Illustrations and cover art are extremely important, especially since I write early chapter books. These are books for children that are just starting out on the adventure of reading by themselves. This can be a difficult, and exciting, transition for a child when first stepping out of picture books.

Illustrations help a child envision the story when they first begin to read on their own. Therefore, an early chapter book needs illustrations that depict key scenes in the book. A good relationship between author and illustrator is paramount to the success of a book, in my humble opinion.

Finding an illustrator you work well with and that sees your vision isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are many wonderful artists, but it is a matter of pairing yourself to the person that sees the story through your eyes. This is the responsibility of the author to be able to properly explain the setting and the illustrator grasping that concept.

Pair the right illustrator and author together--- and that is where the magic begins!

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