Friday, August 1, 2014

Ask Me!

I am currently taking questions on Goodreads and I thought it would be interesting to share my answers on my blog as well. Do you have a question? Ask me on:

This evening I received a few questions. They are:

1.  The legal terms and the way of paying of this distribution channels could scare potential authors? why?

2.  What is your opinion of the process that amazon and smashwords uses to pay the authors?

3.  What is your opinion of Amazon and smashwords legal terms?

K. Lamb To clarify, when you say "Amazon" I am assuming you are referring to Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, which I believe are subsidiaries of Amazon. I am only aware of their terms since I do not use Smashwords; however, my advice would be the same. My advice is also the same for all three questions you posed, therefore, I shall combine my response.

I think in any circumstance it is important for the individual to do their own due diligence. Before moving forward they have to be comfortable in their decision. If not, then it would not be the right platform for them. Since there is no bargaining room with Amazon (or I'm assuming Smashwords) it would be a "take it or leave it" situation. You either want to proceed or you decline and go a different route. That is a decision that can only be determined by each individual based on their needs.

As I am not an attorney, I do not feel it would be appropriate for me to discuss the legalities of their policies in either a private or public forum. If someone does have a question in regards to their verbiage, I would thoroughly recommend that they consult an attorney before entering into any arrangement so they are fully aware of what they are committing to prior to proceeding.

Once again, thank you for your questions!

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb

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