Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free Today - June 26, 2014!

Please help me to promote children's literacy by spreading the news! Today, until midnight, you can download a free Kindle copy of my #1 Amazon Best selling children's mystery book, Dani and the Haunted House!

Dani and the Haunted House has made the #1 position on Amazon's Children's Mysteries & Detectives several times now, and the response from children has been amazing, as has the feedback from parents, grandparents, and teachers! Check out our reviews for yourself!

Why not help support children's literacy by downloading your FREE Kindle copy today? Wouldn't you like to watch your child read a new adventure and share that experience with them? It's easy! All it takes is a few minutes each day, a chapter or two, to help them become avid readers--plus, you get the added benefit of creating lasting memories!

Wishing you all a touch a little adventure,

K. Lamb

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