Monday, June 30, 2014

Raising Independent Young Women and Men

This has been a prevalent thought on my mind today as I have chatted with friends over the internet who are like-minded in the belief that it is important to inspire young girls into becoming strong and independent women who refuse to be labeled or put into a "box."

There are so many shining examples (such as the video link below) of how we need to change our way of thinking if we are to help further the education and mindset from yesterday's thoughts to today's new standards of forward thinking. No longer can we afford to have our children believe that boys are better in math and science than girls or that girls are better in English courses. Girls are just as capable as boys in pursuing their educational goals and vice versa. Girls should not be made to think they are a decoration, but that they are valued for their insight and keen minds.

To the right is a prime example. The picture shows my daughter building a ballista several years ago for her 11th grade Honors Physics class. Although she chose to major in English and Communications, she had the mental fortitude to take Honors and AP math and science courses throughout high school. Had she listened to the old adage of days gone by, she would not have followed through with her desire to pursue this advanced curriculum. Don't limit your child! If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves!

We also can't afford to have young men believe they cannot pursue the art of literature through the written word! Who among us has the right to say that women are better in this scholarly endeavor than men? Is it because society has always dictated it as such? I'm glad that young Christopher Paolini, who began writing Eragon at the age of 15, did not fall prey to this old way of thinking.

As parents, and educators, we have to encourage children to pursue their passion. It is up to them to decide what those ambitions are and not for us to mold them around our own ideas. Inspire a child to be who they are and watch as they blossom into an amazing individual full of potential and confidence.

Whatever path your child chooses--support them! It is also important to encourage them to begin reading at an early age, despite the direction they may head in the future, so that they have the tools they need to succeed. Do not let their potential go untapped. It is our challenge to help bring out the best in our child and see that they reach their highest aspirations!


  1. Yes, absolutely.

    This video, 'Like a Girl', is on a similar theme in that it talks about the way we talk to/about our girls. We need to think about these issues.

  2. My daughter showed me that video as well, Erica! It really brings everything to the forefront when we see these examples and how they affect our children and their esteem.

    Thank you for once again taking the time to read my blog. I truly appreciate it!