Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Reading Giveaway: Dani and the Haunted House

By now summer vacation is well underway, which means your children may (or may not) be getting a little antsy and bored. Now is the perfect time to get them reading! If your children are always on-the-go, full of energy, you may wonder how to even get started. How about packing up a picnic and taking them to their favorite local park? When you first arrive, let them play and scamper. Watch as they have fun on the monkey bars or race across the green lawn as they laugh under the watchful summer sun. Let them romp and embrace being a child.

When they tire, and they will, have them come and relax on a blanket under a large, old oak where the shade gives them a cool place to relax. They will be sure to appreciate the picnic lunch you have so thoughtfully brought along to feed their hungry tummies. When they have eaten to their hearts' content, they may begin to get a little sleepy, which is the perfect time to pull out that book you sneaked into the picnic basket. Begin reading to them and watch as they snuggle down; perhaps laying their sleepy heads upon your lap. Engage them in the story as you read by asking them questions or making little commentaries. Eventually, they may drift off into slumber and that is okay! Now is the perfect time for you to pick up that second book hidden in the picnic basket. Settle back against nature's favorite chair and take a deep sigh. This is your time. With a smile on your face, lose yourself within the pages of a beckoning friend, and enjoy the tranquility of the moment as all is right with the world.

To jump start this lovely scenario, I will be hosting another free book giveaway this summer of Dani and the Haunted House on Be sure to download your free Kindle copy on Friday, July 18th! I hope you will join Dani on her adventures!

Remember, you have to plant a seed today if you want to promote growth tomorrow. Wishing you all a lovely summer full of reading,

K. Lamb

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  1. Another great blog post, K.! Summer is a wonderful time to simultaneously enjoy reading AND the beautiful weather! We must continue to encourage children to read for enjoyment and to model that love of reading for them. Excellent quote: Remember, you have to plant a seed today if you want to promote growth tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful summer! Keep reading!! Keep planting!! :)

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Jill! It is so important to promote reading to our children, especially throughout the summer when they are not in school so they can stay on track. Plus, it is such an enjoyable experience to share this with them.

    As to my quote, I've been doing a lot of gardening lately and it popped into my head. I thought it quite appropriate to the blog post!

    Have a lovely summer. I am sure you will plant quite a few seeds of your own!