Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ask Me!

I am currently taking questions on Goodreads and I thought it would be interesting to share my answers on my blog as well. Do you have a question? Ask me on:
K. Lamb Good question! I think we all have our favorite genres and writing styles. For me, I like to focus on children's stories and young adult.

I enjoy writing for children because it is very rewarding. I have a strong belief in promoting children's literacy. A child needs this educational basic foundation for a strong, fulfilling life as an adult. I truly believe that early readers make better students, which in turn, helps them attain their life-long goals.

To be honest, writing for children is not my strong suit. I do find it a difficult format to write in. Many may think it is easier, however I do not. I am constantly having to make sure I rein myself in and write at a specific grade level. Regardless, it is a task I take on lovingly and willingly because I do have such a strong belief that children need books, especially early chapter books, that will capture their hearts and imagination while challenging them at the same time! Children have a far greater capacity to learn than we sometimes give them credit for. Why not allow them that opportunity?

My favorite genre to write, from a selfish standpoint, is young adult. I get lost in my own writing as I tap on the keys. I do not have to worry as much about what may or may not be appropriate for a young child. It can be a bit edgier, have more bite. There is a very personal satisfaction writing for this genre that fulfills the creative side within me.

Thank you for asking what my interests are in writing. It was a thoughtful question!

Wishing you a little mystery & adventure,

K. Lamb

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