Monday, July 28, 2014

Ask Me!

I am currently taking questions on Goodreads and I thought it would be interesting to share my answers on my blog as well. Do you have a question? Ask me on:

K. Lamb Thank you for your thoughtful question, Gomee Girl!

My process varies to be truthful. When I come up with an idea it really depends on how I came up with it. What I mean by that, is sometimes I'll come up with an idea for the beginning of a story---or the end---and sometimes even both at one time. It will just "pop" into my head. Then it is a matter of connecting point A to point Z. This was the case for my upcoming young adult novel, Max Donovan. I immediately knew how the story would start and end.

Other times I may just come up with an idea for a story, and then I will go into my storyboard mode where I outline the entire story. Although, I do believe it is important for authors to allow themselves to deviate from an outline should your story demand it as it is being written.

Then there are those times that I just like to sit down in front of a keyboard and start tapping away. This kind of writing can be indulgent, because I have no idea where it is going but I am enjoying the journey. It feels good and I love watching as the story unfolds.

Again, thanks for taking the time to post a question. It has been a joy answering it!

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb

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