Friday, July 25, 2014

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I am currently taking questions on Goodreads and I thought it would be interesting to share my answers on my blog as well. Do you have a question? Ask me on:

K. Lamb Thanks for another great question, GomeeGirl!

If someone were writing a book for the very first time, I would recommend the point of view they are most comfortable using.

For those that are not familiar with different POVs, let’s keep this simple. Without going into the different types of third person POVs, the third person narrative is the author telling the story using the pronouns he, she and they.

I have always used the third person POV because that has best fit my audience, which is children. They easily understand the storytelling mode of a narrator. It is easy for them to envision.

For the first time I will be utilizing the first person POV for my newest young adult novel, Max Donovan. I want this book to be poignant. I want YOU to feel the pain and anguish the main character is going through. This can best be told by utilizing the first person.

To answer your question, ultimately I believe it really depends on the story you are writing, the audience you are addressing, and how you want your readers to relate to your main character. Do you want your reader to have a safety net or to feel every emotion on the journey? Only you, the writer, can decide.

I hope this answered your question. If not, please feel free to give me a follow up question and I will try and clarify further.

Wishing you a little mystery & adventure,

K. Lamb

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