Saturday, September 13, 2014

Who do you support?

I honestly didn't know if I should call this a blog post, or an advertisement. I don't want to mislead you by calling it a normal blog post, but it is more than an advertisement. It is a list of recommendations I feel comfortable in supporting.

First off, I wanted to start off with a little exciting news about the Dani P. Mystery series. As some of you may recall, a while back I did a series of blog post introducing my books. For some time now I have been toying with the idea of making the books available as audiobooks, in addition to Kindle and paperback. When a friend recently had his book narrated, I decided to pull out my faithful Blue Yeti microphone and record a chapter of Dani and the Haunted House and Dani and the Mall Caper. I wanted to see how well I could produce it. In the dead of night, in the silence of my home, well, if you don't count my husband snoring in the other room, this is what I came up with. I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's not like I need to add one more thing to my plate as I am already trying to get ready for print two more books in the series, but what would I do without a full To-Do List?

Now I did say this post was going to feature a list of recommendations. As a children's author I enjoy coming across quality children's literature, especially when I can support my fellow indie authors. Although, do not mistake me, I am happy to support all authors in their attempts to promote children's literacy. I have just been reading a lot of indie author work lately.

You'll not be surprised when I say I am recommending Nelson Suit for his Tilley Pond series. After all, I have interviewed him for my blog in the past. I am currently reading the first book in his series, Els Oot and the Mapmaker. It is a delightful book filled with woodland creatures, both small and big, but mostly small, on a quest. This adventurous tale will have your little ones enthralled. I found that as I read it, I began highlighting passages of text for their bits of wisdom. I love when I can read a book, especially a children's book, and have it hold a message that resonates. For example, in the Kindle version, Location 286, I quote, "Stay quiet inside. There is a place there that doesn't change wherever you are." I found that to be a very potent statement that really rang out in its sincerity. It is a good message for children (and adults) to remember in a time of unrest.

To purchase a copy of this book, you can go to It is available on Kindle for $2.99 and in paperback for $5.99.

Finally, I invite you to go to his website and listen to the professionally narrated, Chapter 1, of his newest release, Els Oot and the Lost City, also available on Amazon.

The next book I would like to discuss with you is Finding Fuzzy: A You Decide Tale by Cat Michaels. It is the recipient of the Readers' Favorite 5-star rating. What I find most endearing about this story is it feels like home. It is very personable, and you actually feel as if you're on a summer vacation with family as you become part of the story. The most unique, and most valuable aspect of this book, in my opinion, is its ending. The author has chosen to let the reader decide how the book shall end. It is a lesson in creativity. She leads you down a certain path, but ultimately, you are in the driver's seat as far as how the progression of events shall end. Depending on the age of the reader, the author has given the option to have the story end with an illustration depicting the final scene, and has provided ample space in which a written response may be added. My choice? Have your child do both! Let them write their ending and then illustrate their "decision" to strengthen their viewpoint.

This portion of my blog goes out to mostly authors, but also to anyone in need of a voice over talent. My friend, Jill Cofsky, is the very talented narrator of the audio you heard of Nelson Suit's Tilley Pond series. Not only does she do narration for children's books, but she also offers a full line of services for businesses looking for audio to complement their websites, commercials, etc. You can learn more about her full line of services by connecting with her on Facebook..

I would be remiss if I didn't urge you once again to visit Faith Cotter on her blog. I invited Faith to join me on the Blogging from the Heart tour. It is her first blog hop, and I would love for you to come out and support her efforts and learn more about her as a writer.

Finally, and very importantly, I would like to support someone very special to the Dani P. Mystery series: Katrina Glidewell. She is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Pennsylvania in Media Arts and Animation. Upon graduation, she began freelancing. I am incredibly blessed to have her as the official Dani P. Mystery illustrator. Starting with the next book, Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch, her name will join mine on the front cover. "Dani" and I hope you will enjoy her artistry as much as we do! We truly believe the new illustrations will be warmly received by Dani's readers.

Well, I did warn you. Was this an informative blog post or an advertisement? I hope you will receive it in the spirit it was presented: a list of recommendations of those I consider worthy of your attention. I like supporting others. I enjoy seeing their success. Some might call it strictly cross-promotion, but that thought leaves me cold. I wouldn't recommend someone on my blog I didn't believe in. To me, it is about reaching out to help in a positive, supportive way. Not for profit, not for return, but to celebrate one another's success.

What will be your success today? Where do you want to go? What dream do you still want to accomplish? It's not too late to embark upon the journey. All it takes is one small step forward--and I hope that path leads to your destiny.

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb

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  1. Not that you need more to do, but you def have another career as an audio book narrator -:D). Thanks for the shout out and continued support. (((Much))) appreciated. You are a role model for collaboration and paying-it-forward that we can all emulate.