Thursday, September 25, 2014

Els Oot and the Lost City #kidlit #childrensbook

My first professional review under this platform is a book that I chose. I was not asked to do a review by the author. It comes from the Tilley Pond Mouse series of books that can be read independently of one another and they are for established readers with a grade recommendation of third through sixth.  

The book is entitled, Els Oot and the Lost City by Nelson Suit. 


The story is littered with woodland creatures, big and small, but mostly small, that are out to discover if the Lost City holds the key to finding their most desired wish: the recovery of their long-lost relatives. After being separated for many years after a great flood, a lone traveler arrives at the doorstep of the Mapmaker of Tilley Pond with the first clue to the whereabouts of the missing inhabitants of Meadowlark Falls. A search party is quickly formed as they prepare to embark on a grand adventure. 

The main character:

Although the story is full of interesting characters, our main character is Els Oot. He is the apprentice of the Mapmaker and the story centers around his journey. The bond Els has with his traveling companions, as well as the ones he forms along the way with each new friend he makes, shows us that this tiny little mouse has a caring, strong determination to help others—often times at his own peril. 

What makes this book special:

As an avid reader, when I pick up a children's book I often expect to breeze through a story in a light-heart manner with child-like wonderment; a quick little read before bed, an afternoon time out from my busy schedule. This story will appeal to children because they will get to trek across a marsh on the back of a turtle, ride a wild, snarling bat, climb trees with a squirrel, build a boat and ride in the Great Race, rescue a damsel, and ultimately, discover the Lost City. 

An adult will discover, almost immediately, the words of wisdom that can be found hidden among the pages:

  • "Stay quiet inside. There is a place there that doesn't change wherever you are."
  • "It is through the broken box that the light shines in."

There are many more passages I highlighted on my Kindle, which I have not included. I soon discovered this book was not designed only for children, but as inspiration for all of its readers, young or old, to gain knowledge of how we can lead richer lives. 


This is not a story that belongs strictly in a children's library. It deserves a place in a family's library. It has something to offer to everyone. It is a classic for children and a reminder to adults that inspiration can strike anywhere—even on the pages of a children's book.

For all of you who are about to embark upon an adventure, bring a child with you. Show them the magic that can only be found in a far off land, where creatures speak, and heroism abounds. Read to your child today.

Safe journey,

K. Lamb

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