Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Treasured Find

On my May 8th blog, The Power of Books, I wrote about how we all have a treasured book from our past. I remarked that someday I hoped I would come across a well-loved version of my "old friend" that I could add to my collection. 
After writing the article I started thinking, why wait? So I started on the hunt. That is when I came across this little beauty.

 photo 2734f61c-966b-4cf7-9c8d-3d36b2e317e8_zps8d33e71c.jpg

As hoped, it looks to be well-loved, but the pages are intact without writing per the auction's description.

I am so happy to have discovered this piece of history from my past. It may not be my book, but it was loved by someone and I shall be its trustee while it is in my care. I can only hope that someone else is doing the same for my own beloved book from my childhood.

Be well my friends, and if you are missing a treasured book from your past-- don't wait--let the hunting begin!

Wishing you all a little adventure,

K. Lamb
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