Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kindle for Kids?

Surprisingly, yes! I never thought I would really say that as I've always thought that kids needed to hold that treasured book in their hands, crack that spine for the very first time, and smell the newly printed pages.

Why have I changed my mind? I haven't entirely. I do believe children need to get lost within the heart of the pages of a treasured storybook. Perhaps it is more about the balance of an old friend with new technology.

I bought my first Kindle back in 2007 when they first came out. I loved it. It did not replace my textile need for a book in hand, but it did satisfy my need for instant gratification when I desired a new book to read. As I said before, it became a balancing act between the two for me.

After seven long years, and a lot of use, my Kindle finally gave way under the pressure and crashed. I couldn't quite bring myself to dispose of it, so I interned it within the 'catch all' drawer that is my favorite spot to put items I'm not quite ready to part with.

My loyalty did not last long for my old friend as my need to finish formatting my next book required my attention. I immediately ran out to Best Buy to see what my current options were. Remember, my need for instant gratification? I happily came home with a new Kindle Paperwhite.

It was only while exploring all the new features did I come to realize mine had become a dinosaur. It may have been revolutionary at the time, but the newest version put mine back in the stone age.

My most favorite feature, and why I will now wholeheartedly support it for kids, is the Vocabulary Builder! If a child comes across a word they do not understand they can "press" on the word to get an instant definition. Okay, that wasn't anything new. However, the word is also immediately put into a 'Vocabulary Builder' file! This will let the child go back later and review the words they did not understand. This will also allow parents to access this file and see which words are giving their child difficulty so they can better tailor their assistance to their child's needs. In my humble opinion, this is an amazing tool to help children!

Kindles come in a variety of styles to fit almost any budget. The most inexpensive version is currently on sale for only $49! Also, many stores will price match, if you're like me, and need it now!

I hope you will consider this option for your child. It is all about balancing technology with tradition. Most importantly, your choice should depend on what options encourages your child to read.

Wishing you all a little adventure,

K. Lamb
Author of the Dani P. Mystery series

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