Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who is Dani P. Spinelli?

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Dani Pippi Spinelli is the best almost-eight-year-old detective in the world. At least according to her uncle, Sheriff Spinelli.

She is spunky, loving, and always into mischief. She's the type of girl that always needs the answer to her questions and won't stop until she gets them. Dani doesn't let fear stand in her way when it comes to her fight for truth and justice. She is also loyal to a fault. She will stand by her friends through thick and thin, especially during a crisis. She doesn't like to show her own vulnerability, but will always help those in need.
With her honey-brown hair and cheeky smile she can easily charm her way into your heart and herself out of trouble. Most of the time, anyway. Her parents aren't quite so easily charmed and she's been grounded more times than she can count thanks to her adventures.

Her sense of style fits her personality. With her backwards baseball cap and her sturdy overalls, she is a rough and tumble kid. You can see touches of her softer side by the accessories she wears: her pink hair ribbon, bracelets, and her special blue-beaded necklace with the pink heart.

See for yourself how multi-faceted Dani P. Spinelli truly is by reading her first adventure, Dani and the Haunted House before she embarks on her next big mystery, Dani and the Mall Caper!

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It's the adventures of Dani P.
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