Thursday, May 29, 2014

Comic Books?

Who says reading can't be a fun group project? If you are having difficulties getting your son or daughter to read, try picking up one of their favorite comics. Yes, comics!

When I was really young I used to love that my grandmother would buy me these awesome comic books. They might as well have been "contraband." They were always the really spooky kind, which I'm sure raised a few eyebrows when people saw a spunky little girl running around with them, but I always loved those haunting Gothic tales. It wasn't your typical reading material for someone of my age. But, I loved them. And that, my grandmother knew, was the key to getting me hooked.

It doesn't matter what a child is reading as long as they are enjoying it. I soon moved past the comic stage and into real novels. After that I was a runaway freight train. I couldn't get my hands on enough books. Although, I must admit my addiction to such classics as Brahm Stoker's Dracula, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, lasted a bit longer than the comic books...

Wishing you all a little adventure of your own,

K. Lamb
Author of Dani P. Mystery series

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