Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things You Never Do

..when writing. Years ago I read a book about writing for children. It basically said you should never become the character in your book and that you needed to be an outside observer. Hmm, I profess I must not be a very good writer then for I have definitely broken that cardinal rule on everything I have ever written--regardless of genre.
It is not that I am the character, but I feel to be a good writer you have to leave a piece of yourself on the page. Whether it is your vulnerability, weakness, strength, or courage--a piece of who you are should always be left behind. To me, it is what makes your characters believable.

When I am writing, I become my characters. I try and get inside their head (or do they get inside mine?) and feel what would be occurring to them in that moment. How are they feeling and why?

Dani, from the Dani P. Mystery series, definitely brings out my spunky, sassy side. While when I write Chloe, I write from a more vulnerable position. Both are completely fictional characters, but how can they not be, in some way, part of the writer?

After I read the book, it often made me wonder if other writers are purely objective in their writing? I don't think I would like to think of my book just as an inanimate object with merely words on the page. I want to feel the character's emotions. When I am writing it, I want to laugh when they laugh. I want to be frightened when they are frightened. I want to get misty-eyed when Dani puts her arms around a friend and promises to bring back help to save him.

Wrong or right, I only know one way in which to share my stories--and that is to become part of them.

I hope you will join me in this journey by reading the Dani P. Mystery series. We--yes, Dani, Chloe, and I-- have already set off on two big adventures and look forward to many more mysteries together.

Wishing you all a little adventure,

K. Lamb
Author of the Dani P. Mystery series

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