Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Opportunities

Yesterday I went for my flu shot. I had been putting it off as I am not the best about shots. I'm one of those people that if I see it---well, you may be picking me off the floor. It's not like it hurts. I know that. Its just the "idea."

No sooner do I sit down in the chair when a mom walks up with her little boy. Now mind you I'm a grown woman with an adult child of my own. I remember those early days of having a scared, young child. 

The woman smiles brightly at me and then at her son. "Look how brave she's going to be!"

Internally, I groan. She has no idea. Instead, I smile brightly back and stage-whisper conspiratorially to the little boy, "Aw, its no big deal! Easy peasy! You are going to be so brave. I know it!"

Within a blink of an eye the nurse is telling me, "All done." 

"See, no biggie! You can do this."

The little boy looks a little skeptical, but smiles back half-heartedly. You can tell he isn't quite sure, but he's being brave. 

I wanted to stay and see how he did, but as a mother I know its better if he doesn't have an audience. 

Before I walk away, his mother smiles at me and says, "Thank you." I smile back. 

"He's going to be awesome," I say looking down at the little boy who is watching me and then turn and walk away.

There are so many times in our daily life that we are given simple opportunities to help someone. We may not even realize it in the moment. Leave yourself open to them. Allow yourself to help--in any small way you can. You will find that not only are you helping someone else, but that you will benefit from that assistance as well. I was so focused on being brave for that little boy that I had no time to be nervous for myself.

Be good to one another, my friends. Smile. Live each day brightly, and may the sun always shine in your heart!

~ K. Lamb

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