Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who is Chloe Marshall?

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Chloe Zoe Marshall is a supporting character and will be throughout all of the Dani P. Mystery books. She is Dani’s best friend and her voice of reason, although she is not always successful in keeping Dani out of trouble. In fact, Dani is more successful in dragging Chloe into trouble!

Chloe is very much Dani’s opposite, but somehow they fit like two peas in a pod. Where Dani is spunky and fearless, Chloe is very timid and is known as a “fraidy-cat.” She can’t help it and doesn’t know why her heart races the way it does. It just happens. Don’t let that fool you though. She may be afraid, but she’ll always follow Dani into any situation. She is loyal and isn’t about to abandon her best friend when she needs her. After all, Dani would never leave her and has proven it time and again. As the series continues you'll see Chloe get stronger and more confident. That is not to say she doesn't get afraid, but she starts to learn to overcome her fears and not let them hold her back.

Here is a fun fact! Chloe was originally supposed to be a brunette. When the first illustration came back from my very talented illustrator, I was surprised to see Chloe as a blonde. I immediately fell in love with the cover art and couldn’t bring myself to change anything about it. Therefore, I made a few changes to my story to adapt to Chloe’s new look.

If there is one thing Chloe knows how to do, and do well, is shopping! She is a little fashionista. She is a walking, talking mall directory. She isn’t vain. Looking good just helps her feel more confident in herself. She definitely does not like to get dirty! Well, unless she’s visiting the Rocking Horse Ranch and is going horseback riding. She loves her pony! She'll tackle any amount of dirt to spend time with Snowy.

I’d like to invite you to read Dani and Chloe’s first adventure, Dani and the Haunted House, and see why Chloe is the perfect companion for Dani. At first glance it may seem like Chloe isn’t a strong character, but in time you will see that strength comes in many forms.

Dani and the Mall Caper is in the last stages of formatting and shall be released soon on I hope you enjoy these two books and will look forward to reading the third book in the series, Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch, which is currently being illustrated.

I'd like to take a moment to encourage you to help your child find a genre that interest them. Whether it is mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi or any of the other countless stories available on the market, help them find their escape into the world of imagination.

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~ K. Lamb

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