Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Chase

When was the last time you chased down a mailman? For me, it was about an hour ago. 

My husband and I were enjoying a lovely breakfast at our favorite coffee shop near my work, when in walks the mailman. He was a new carrier. I hadn't seen him before. As I glanced over at him, my eyes were immediately attracted to the brown book mailer mixed in with other mail he was carrying. (Hmm, must be a side effect of being a mystery writer!) So he drops off the coffee shop's mail and heads out the door. I turned to my husband and said, "I wonder if that is the Dani and the Mall Caper proof book?"

He immediately urged me to go find out. Of course, I said I couldn't go chasing after the mailman. I sat there, patiently, for about two minutes before I flew out of my seat and ran after the mailman who was still in the shopping center area.

Moments later, I come happily strolling back into the restaurant with a big grin on my face. My husbands laughs. Yes, the things I do for you, my lovely readers. Okay--let's get real--I can't blame it on you! I would have never slept tonight had I NOT gone chasing after him! I would have been too excited for Monday's mail delivery. Now, I am not a crazy person and do not usually go running after strange men, but I had paid for expedited shipping and knew it was supposed to be delivered to my office by Monday. If all goes right with THIS proof (a few glitches with the last) we will soon be launching the next book! 

Until then, wishing you all a little adventure!

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