Thursday, May 29, 2014

What is your child reading?

How many of you know what your child is reading? Have you really ever stopped and taken the time to see what it is that they like when it comes to their literary choices? How about asking them questions?

Reading is such an amazing adventure--one that is made even more spectacular when shared. I used to love seeing what my daughter was reading, read it myself, and then discuss the book with her. It is incredible how a child's mind works and the insight they can provide in how they see things differently from an adult's perspective.

Children grow up so fast that the window of opportunity to create an open dialog with them is short. Soon they are teenagers off with their own friends. Yet, you want them to talk openly and freely with you. However, if you haven't already established a line of communication with them, it can be a difficult task to accomplish in the teenage years.

Reading and discussing topics and ideas with your child is an easy way to begin open communication with your child in the early years. You develop a pattern that will continue through adulthood. Plus, you are establishing wonderful memories. It is such an easy concept, yet one that often gets overlooked in today's busy world.

Even when you are overworked and tired, you can still manage 10 minutes each night to tuck your child into bed and read, right? You don't have to commit to an entire book. How about just a chapter? As you and your child are transported to different worlds you may find yourself becoming more relaxed as the world melts away and your child cuddles into you. Time stands still until there are only two people lost in the moment of a timeless fairytale, the adventures of a mystery, or the silly antics of a beloved character.

So, do you know what your child is reading? Do you want to? Open up a new line of communication that will last a lifetime and you will both be richer for it.

Wishing you all a little adventure,

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